Carbon Emissions – What To Do To Reduce Them

5Pollution is such a problem in our society today. It is an issue being battled by so many countries all over the world. In fact, there are many people who are already trying to find ways on how they can save mother earth. Air pollution is one of the most serious kinds of pollution we have. Researchers and statisticians have come together to find out how much our country has contributed to the amount of greenhouse gas emission. Five years ago, it was said that we were responsible of contributing as much as 26 tons of carbon emission. In fact, we are in the top ten countries that produced carbon emissions and have put our air in a bad state. This statistics alone only depicts that something needs to be done as soon as possible.

So what can our country do lower down our carbon emission? In fact, a lot of people in our country can contribute to this – one way of doing so it to keep our electricity use in a minimum. This does not only save our planet, it can also benefit us by lowering down our electricity costs. This will help us save more money – money that we can spend on more important things. Turning off unused appliances, purchasing energy efficient electronics, switching off the lights, using a different type of transportation are some of the examples for use to help reduce the amount of carbon emissions we produce every single day. Another ways of reducing greenhouse emissions are car pooling, switching to bio gas, keeping the unused machineries off and there are lots more.

You can also have the government be involved in this project. You can write request letter to them. You can also vote for officials who are keen on enforcing green projects. You can also get signatures on petitions to show your support on these kinds of projects. You can also educate other people as much as you can. You don’t even have to be a teacher to do it. By educating others to do the same, you can make significant amounts of changes. If the government supports you, you will surely see more progress made. This will be evident on what kind of projects they produce in your town. They can start by renewing the street lights.

One other way to reduce carbon emission is carbon offsetting. When you purchase carbon offsets, you can reduce the carbon footprint in your area.

If you think about it, there are so many things one person can do. And if we actually put our minds together and work hand in hand, we can surely reduce the release of carbon emission in our country. We only have one planet, let us not let it die. We need to save it for the future generations to come. By being proactive on this kind of issue, you are already helping out. Remember, one person can make a change. Although it is small, it is still a small change. That is better than having nothing at all.

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