DIY Environment services

Environment services are good way to spend your money on chores you can do by yourself. And it is also a good way to earn money by selling those services to other people. Please do understand, environment cleaning services and similar kind are not easy, but they are not particularly hard, only monotonous. If you are interested in offering those services and get paid doing so, or you simply don’t want to spend money on paying people to do environment cleaning to you then heed my words. There is a proper set of rules to any job, rules that include knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to do that particular job and to negate different sources of risk, and environment service is not different.

2180Most important assisting tool you will need are good gloves. Those gloves will protect your hands from all kind of danger, both from the filth and cleaning liquids that can damage skin if it has long contact with it. Hands must be washed with soap before and after every use of those gloves. And gloves should be changed when job is changed ( some particular jobs or surfaces are more dirty than the other, and gloves should be changed when you clean those different surfaces ).

As it was aforementioned, some surfaces are more dirty than the others, and more attention should be given to those surfaces. High touch surface is a surface which is more prone to be touched by people than other surfaces. Door knobs, telephones, call bells are only some examples of such surfaces.

There has to be some kind of method in cleaning. The best method is to go from high to low. It is simple, you clean high places first, so dust won’t fall down on clean places. The floor should be last part of that area to clean. This process will help keep clean areas from contamination.


Previous step may be futile if you generate aerosol dust by throwing around items ( it doesn’t matter whether they are clean or not, if they fall somewhere they will create aerosol dust which will contaminate everything else ). There are few things you should do to prevent this from happening, not shaking mops and cloths, placing soiled items in bins or bags, waste bags that are not tied up with compressed air and so on.

servicesenvironmental_rightCloths that are used for cleaning should be changed or regular basis. This includes all matter of cleaning cloths. This will prevent cleaning with soiled cloth, which is not productive and that cleaning will yield nothing, but wasted time. Cleaning solutions you use should be changed as well, soiled and contaminated cleaning solution will not help in cleaning anything.

Your cleaning equipment should be always clean, at the beginning as well as at the end of the cleaning process. Having soiled cleaning equipment will cause contamination of clean areas, and you will not be able to clean other contaminated areas due to contamination you carry around.

Be smart, if you think that this is too much work, then pay other to do it and don’t waste your time or money.